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4 Money Saving Tips For Your Domestic Cleaning
13 August 2014
4 Money Saving Tips For Your Domestic CleaningWhen it comes to cleaning your house it is particularly important that you are aware of how much you are spending. The cleaning is the type of house work that you won’t think a huge amount about, but when it comes down to it, you will be constantly replacing cleaning products, from sponges to washing up liquid, so it is essential that you are aware of what you are spending. The fact of the matter is that knowing what you spend on the cleaning will leave you in a position where you are able to reduce it if you feel that you need to, or that you can, and that is a great position to be in. Whilst many people will think that saving money on the cleaning is all about reducing the amount that you spend, it will often be just as much about ensuring that you are getting longevity out of the things that you pay for, and reducing how often you spend the money that you do. 1.    Have a think about the liquid products that you us, including washing machine powders and the like. These sorts of products are constantly being replenished, so it is worth doing some tests to see if you feel like you are justified in spending what you do. You will find that it is very easy to make a note of how long a product lasts, by simply writing down when you buy the item, and when you run out of it. You could even get your cleaning services to do it for you, so that you can work out which products are the best price, without having to tackle the job yourself! 2.    Have a think about the things that you use for your domestic cleaning, or if you are in an office, your office cleaning. You will no doubt understand that most products for cleaning are made from plastic, and are cheap, so as to throw them away when they become too clogged up with dirt. Whilst this makes sense in the busy world of house cleaning, you will find that it is extremely bad for the environment, and equally as painful for your wallet! Have a think about buying more sustainable products, made form lasting and less taxing materials, like metal and wood. A metal bucket will not break like a plastic one does, and the increased expense of buying the bucket in the first place will be met by the fact that it lasts three times as long! 3.    When you are kitchen cleaning, how often do you throw away your sponges? A cloth or a flannel would do just as good a job, but it would last for a few months, rather than a couple of days. You can even make cloths and flannels from tired clothes that would have been thrown out, meaning that you would be cleaning for free! If you are savvy about these things, then there is no end to what you can do!4.    If you are serious about saving money and you have a contract cleaner, then you may have to think about doing things yourself! However, the amount of time saved on cleaning y having a professional cleaner in may well improve your quality of life in a way that directly impacts on how much you can earn. Whatever the case, it is very important that you are able to look in to it all and be sure that you are making the right move for your needs at the right time.

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