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A Guide To One-Off Cleaning
17 April 2014
A Guide To One-Off CleaningBy now, given that it’s 2014, it’s pretty much an absolute certainty that everyone in the developed world knows what a cleaner is. However, when many people envisage the role and responsibilities of cleaning companies, they may purely picture a team of cleaners, or a solitary cleaner, visiting someone’s home at regular and pre-agreed times. However, this isn’t always the case. In recent years, there has been a surge of interest and proliferation in the number of companies that offer one-off cleaning services –whether it’s just part of their overall service offering, or their sole raison d’etre! If you’ve not come across one-off cleaners before, then perhaps it’d be expedient to learn more about the benefits they can bring you. After all, even if you have heard of one-off cleaning services previously, you may not know what they’re all about! We have put together this handy, one-stop guide to these specialist cleaning contractors, and the cleaning solutions they provide to the public. For a start, much like other professional cleaning agencies, the best one-off cleaning firms will be able to provide you with cleaning services in many regards, and will have many well trained cleaning staff with years of experience in the sector! Their skills tend to be comprehensive – they will have proficiency in almost every conceivable regard. This is what makes one-off clean providers so special – they will literally be able to tackle any area in their path! They won’t be out of their depth if they have to focus on furniture cleaning, for example, and are just as comfortable offering general domestic cleaning services as specialist sofa cleaning services! Ultimately, what matters to them is delivering the best possible results for the people they serve. An unfortunate myth seems to have been perpetuated, that as one-off cleaners generally serve clients the once, and aren’t employed on a rolling contractual basis by their customers, that they aren’t as dedicated as long-term cleaning companies. On the surface, this fiction seems to be logical – after all, what do they care if you don’t call them again? However, that notion couldn’t be further from the truth! One-off cleaning services stake their reputations on getting the job done in one go, and if they didn’t have sterling references from their customers, they wouldn’t be able to vie in a highly competitive market! Also, like every specialist company, they’ll be hoping you call them again when you need a one-time cleaning blitz in your home! However, the greatest benefit of using such a cleaning company is how many sticky or headache inducing situations they can help you out in! For instance, if you’re leaving rented accommodation and are fretting over whether you will get your deposit back in full, they are a veritable Godsend – just get on the phone when it all gets a bit much, and they’ll be along to make your rental property look as good as it did the day you moved in, or better! Alternatively, if you’ve had a particularly grandiose bash at your house and need things pristine in short order, contract them to provide after-party cleaning services. Or, perhaps you have a surprise visit from a long lost aunt on the cards in the next few days and need to get thing ship shape rapidly. Whatever you need them for, one thing’s for certain – the best one-off cleaners will consult with you prior to cleaning so they know exactly what you’re expecting and exactly what they need to focus on. Good luck!

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