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Considering The Cleaning Aftermath Of Your Home Renovations
24 May 2014
Considering The Cleaning Aftermath Of Your Home Renovations Getting the builders in is certainly a positive thing, but it can also be a difficult time, as there is so much to consider by way of the inconvenience that their presence can cause. You will find no doubt that with the right planning and provision, that you can sort it all out so that it is not too much of an issue over all. However, few people rally consider the true implications of the mess that a building job makes, and the aftermath can be a sight to behold! Even if the builders have cleaned up thoroughly afterwards, which most of them do, you will find that there can still be areas of the house that get affected that are not even part of the job, and given that they are not so obvious, they may well be missed out by the builders when cleaning up. Have a think about the before, during and after of the building work in terms of cleaning, to give yourself the best chance of getting things sorted easily. Before.You can plan well before hand, and prepare things to protect them. Have a think about the areas of the house that may be affected by the building work, and ensure that all is cleared out or protected in them. This means putting dust sheets in place to cover furniture that can’t be removed, and covering the openings between rooms, to prevent the through draft carrying dust through the house. It may not be attractive, but it is better to bear with such things than to be concerning yourself with cleaning up absolutely everything that you own because it is coated in plaster or brick dust! If there are any cupboards in a close range of the work that is going on, then you should seal them off carefully, or otherwise remove anything from them. This is especially true of clothes, which will have to be washed if the dust gets all over them!During.Have a look through the place whilst the work is going on, in order that you have an idea of the areas that have been affected. This way you will be prepared for the worst when you return to the scene of the mess. Have a word with the builders to let them know that you have seen mess in certain places, so that they know that they need to clean those areas. You may find that the initial area is well cleaned after the job, but certain other hidden corners are dusty still if not. You need to avoid this, as otherwise it will be you on your hands and knees with the scrubbing brush!After.Go round the place whilst the builders are still there, and have a close look at the whole property, ensuring that there is nothing that they have missed. If they have, then you can get them to sort it, if they have not then you are all free! However, it is then your own problem if you find an area that is dirty, as they will claim that you did the checks, and were happy, so be sure to check over everything really carefully to avoid this issue! You will find that the problems should not be too great if you do things in this way, and the results can be very pleasing indeed, should you take the right precautions throughout!

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