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Ensure That You Have The Easiest Time Cleaning Possible
10 September 2014
Ensure That You Have The Easiest Time Cleaning PossibleYour house cleaning process should not be one that strikes fear in to you, in fact, the best domestic cleaners can make it so that they barely notice the process of cleaning their home. If you were able to do this, would you dedicate the time that you need to making it a reality? Below are some ideas as to how to reduce the impact that the cleaning has on your life, and the hope is that some of them at least will be applicable to your home cleaning routine. When it comes to reducing the stress, time and effort involved in cleaning, there are a few different ways to go, so see which will work for you.-    Have a think about when you clean. Many people have ‘cleaning days’ where they will get a load of jobs done. This takes a whole day out, because the cleaning part will take up a few hours in the middle of the day, and leave you tired in the evening. If you must do a cleaning day in the week, or every couple of weeks, then try getting up early and doing it all then so that you have time to spend the rest of the day doing something that you love. If you are doing your cleaning days on the weekend, then perhaps spread the jobs thinly over the days, so that you are not too tired to do other things. -    Rather than having cleaning days in the first place, you could try dividing up the jobs so that they are spread across the week. If you think this sounds like it would just get in the way more often, then you should have a think about the number of short periods in the day where you don’t have a lot to do, but not enough time to do something in particular. These ten to twenty minute pauses are perfect for getting a little cleaning done. See what you can do in the five minutes between being ready and needing to leave for work, or after you have watched some TV in the evening, and are thinking about eating, but you are not hungry quite yet.-    When it comes to cleaning, you need your tools to be easy and efficient. There is little point trying to vacuum quickly if it takes you ages to lug the thing up the stairs, and then run around trying to work out the best socket to plug it in to. Have a look at lightweight vacuums that will be the best for your home size, as well as long last makes of other tools like mops, brushes, pans and buckets. Better equipment will mean faster cleaning.-    When it comes to ensuring that the cleaning is less of a burden, then doing it more often may make sense in a strange way. If you leave the cleaning off for days and weeks, then the dirt is only going to pile up and make the cleaning more difficult. You will find that there is a good argument for cleaning more regularly and keeping the cleaning jobs a case of wiping surfaces down, rather than battling through dust, dirt and grease. You wouldn’t leave your kitchen counter to get to the point where it was thick with dirt before you cleaned it, so why allow that to happen in other areas of the house?

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