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Five Things which Affect Sofa Cleaning
06 January 2015
Five Things which Affect Sofa CleaningGetting your sofa as clean as possible can be a tough ask. With this in mind, the potential for stains, marks and uncleanliness is always present. As something which might be used a great deal every day, whether in the kitchen, the office or the lounge, getting a sofa clean is often a case of learning how to avoid some of the most regular issues and learning which ones should be recognised for the threats they are. Even when they can’t be avoided entirely, being aware of these issues and the way in which they can affect upholstery cleaning can help you keep chairs and sofas cleaner for longer. 1.    DrinksThese can come in many shapes and forms and are often the main source of stains and spillages. It might be that you are relaxing with a glass of red wine, that you are getting ready for the day with a cup of coffee or any other kind of scenario where you are sitting on the sofa with a drink in hand. With so many potential situations and so many people likely to be doing the same, then getting the occasional marks and stains from these spills can be something which is a regular feature.2.    FoodIn the same vein as the drinks, the food which you consume on the sofa might not lead to as many difficult to shift stains, but these can be tougher to notice as first as they might not come with the damp feeling that many drinks leave behind. It could be a bar of chocolate which you have sat on by mistake, a bit of pasta and sauce which has dropped onto the cushion while eating your dinner or the myriad other food stuffs which can creep onto a sofa and will sometimes require you to call the sofa cleaners. 3.    PetsAny home which is shared with cats, dogs or something more exotic will likely discover that despite the loveable qualities which pets are capable of bringing into the household, the amount of domestic cleaning which they demand is incredibly high. Perhaps most difficult for the sofa is the hair which can be left behind. Unnoticed, this can mean that those who then sit on the sofa are themselves covered in the hair which is difficult to move. Keeping an eye on pets and the hair is always advised for those who want the best for their sofa. 4.    BuildersWhile it might not rank among the most regular concerns, those who are having building work done in their home will know all too well just how quickly the house can fill with dust. That is one of the reasons why so many people look to after builders cleaning in order to get the kind of results which can be depended on. Removing the dust from the fabric of a sofa is something which can be very tough and something which many people will only trust to the professionals.5.    SmellsOne of the hidden issues which many people discover when they are thinking about how clean their sofa really is can be the odour. This can be a combination of many factors and can be affected by the material and design of the furniture. However, it can be a tough thing to deal with and those who are worried about the best way in which to get their home as clean as possible will find that things such as steam cleaning and other services from cleaning professionals are the only way in which to deal with the difficulty posited by the long term use of furniture.

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