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Home Cleaning 101: Secrets You May Not Have Known
06 October 2014
Home Cleaning 101: Secrets You May Not Have Known Home cleaning may not be something you are eager to do – but it is definitely something you have to do. After all, your wellbeing and health are at stake and those two are things you will never want to play with! Home cleaning can be much easier to handle if you have the know-how with you. Knowing what products and tools to use and where to use them can be a great extra that will make your job easier, faster and more efficient. Which are those basic secrets everyone cleaning their homes should know? We have put together the very best bits of advice to help you out on this process. Read them, understand why they work and then apply them as well! 1.    Planning. Even if you are the spontaneous type in everything related to your life, planning ahead will always be the very best option you have when it comes to home cleaning. This is not the type of thing you wake up one morning and decide to do, but something you should do systematically, according to a schedule.What does this mean? It means that you should sit down and think things through. Put everything on paper so that you don’t forget. Start with the room that is the most difficult to clean up (probably the kitchen) and then move towards simpler tasks. Split the chores among all the members of the household (except for your dog, almost everyone can do something and they should!). Even more than that, make a plan that can be “re-used”. Doing everything in the very same order every time you clean will speed you up and it will make you more efficient as well. 2.    Cleaning windows is not as easy as it appears at first so make sure not to leave them for last. The number one thing you should keep in mind is that this is not to be done on sunny days. Of course, if you had it planned all along, go for it, but if you are just waiting for the sun to come up, think again. The sun rays will make it more difficult for you to actually notice those nasty traces you can leave behind on your windows – and they will appear much stronger once the sun goes into the clouds. The second thing you should know is that investing in a “squeegee” will pay off. Cleaning the windows with a cloth is fine, but if you want them to look impeccable, the squeegee is the way to do it. Apply a solution of water and window cleaning on the surface you want to clean up (and do it generously) and then wipe it off using your squeegee. Sparkly clean! 3.    Sometimes, calling in the professional cleaning service is better. It’s very good that you want to do things on your own (and save some money too), but there are times when calling the professional cleaners will actually be the best option from all points of view.Take for instance a vintage rug or antique upholstery. These items are very sensitive and they will not react well to the usual cleaners you find in the supermarket. Even more than that, they need special care – and that’s something a professional cleaning contractor can help you with. Another example is when you move out of your home and want to leave everything behind you clean and tidy. Your schedule will most likely be crammed with the million things you have to handle, so the last thing you will want to worry about is cleaning the home you used to inhabit. To make sure everything is fine though, calling for the cleaning guys could be an amazing option.

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