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How Best To Carry Out A House Clean
01 April 2015
How Best To Carry Out A House Clean

1.    Declutter - One brilliant way to start a house clean is by decluttering your home and removing anything that you do not want or need. Whether this is by simply throwing away old newspapers/magazines etc., donating old books and clothes to a charity shop or storing them away in the attic ready to have a car boot sale, or sorting through your wardrobe and storing your winter or summer clothes that you don’t need right now under your bed, it is amazing how different simply decluttering will make your home feel. You can then see where truly needs to be cleaned and may end up with a lot less things to clean in the first place. Getting rid of anything you don't want can also extend to old furniture, getting rid of items that you may not like anymore or just don’t use, freeing up a lot of space in your home. While this is not strictly cleaning you will be amazed at the difference it can make - and there are many charities who will take your old furniture away for free and donate it to people who really need it - meaning that you’re doing a good dead too.

2.    Go Room By Room - Often one of the most sensible ways to carry out a house clean is to work through your home room by room, cleaning one and then move onto the next. Start with the room that you hate cleaning the most and then work round to the room that you don't mind cleaning so that you don't feel as though you have left the worst room until last. Kitchen cleaning for example can be a pain, so starting here might be a good idea as knowing that is done may motivate you to clean the rest of the house.

3.    Hire Help - While it is not necessary to hire a professional cleaners for you home cleaning some people prefer this as an option. While it is not cheap, it can be a great help with cleaning as it can save you lots of time and effort that could be spent on other things. It involves hiring a cleaning agency who will send staff to come in and help in your home. You can tell them what you would like them to do, and then pay them for their time. For some people, this may just be a genera tidy around, but for others, they may ask the cleaners to do the jobs that they hate doing such as upholstery cleaning or oven cleaning. Hiring in help may not have been an option that you have considered for your home, but many people feel that once they have had the help, they could not cope without it. It is especially useful for people with a family or pets which create muck and mess and also require your attention meaning that you may not be able to do as thorough clean as you would like, as the cleaners will not be distracted and are sure to carry out a good quality clean in your home.

There are many different ways that people carry out spring cleaning and everyone has their own system of what works best for them, but if you're stuck with where to start with your home clean, these tips might be able to get you started and motivate you to give your home that spring clean that it really deserves.

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