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Office Cleaning The Easy Way
08 July 2015
Office Cleaning The Easy Way

An office space needs to be kept clean for a good working environment along with giving a good impression. Though large corporate companies are better suited to employing professional cleaners to do the work of the office clean, if you are a one man band it is possibly better to do the job yourself.

If you operate your own business it isn’t impossible to do the office cleaning yourself. Keeping your desk and, computer, keyboard and phone clean isn’t a major task. At the end of each working day cleaning the work area and polishing the desk isn’t a major job. If you have a waste bin empty it daily to prevent smells from accumulating. Invest in some good quality cleaning detergents such as the professional cleaning gels for PC screens and phone to prevent smearing and streaks. A damp cloth can be as good as anything to wipe down computer equipment and a desk.

Keeping your office area clean is important to prevent the spread of germs and infection. Phones and keyboards are notorious for hiding bacteria and germs. For instance a phone and in particular a mobile can easily cause spots on the side of a face if not kept hygienically clean.

After you have cleaned your desk make sure the area around you is swept up or vacuumed. Dirt forms all over and from the combination of working, and maybe eating lunch at your desk will all contribute to crumbs and mess in the desk and floor area.

If you share an office with others make sure you attempt to all take responsibility to clean the office area. It isn’t rocket science to clean and if you all share the duties it needn’t be a chore. Saving on hiring a cleaner will save money so plan a schedule between other members of staff and discuss the money that will be saved if each person spends 30 minutes cleaning at the end of the day. All services cost and doing it yourself if you are a small company is certainly lucrative.

Have a plan and make a list of all of the jobs that need to be done. Some will be needed to be done daily, other weekly and some monthly. When a office is small it doesn’t take long to keep it spotless. Having everything organised helps so ensure there is a place for everything. Have a sort out and develop a place for everything and encourage others to follow the system. Have a cleaning kit on hand and tools so that each person involved knows where the cleaning supplies are and can do it as and when they have some free time. Not every office is flat out all of the time and certainly small one man operations so on lighter days you can spend more time and effort in getting the place cleaned.

Sort out a plan of action and have some scheme where you can cross of jobs that are done. This may mean that a new one needs drawing up every month. But to know where you are with cleaning duties it is a good idea to have a plan if there is more than one staff member. Also as you run out of cleaning detergents have a list to buy so you know it needs to be replaced.

Having a clean office is important for health and productivity. Encourage a cleaning plan and stick to it. If you are a solo worker then plan your very own program and stick to it.

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