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How To Quickly Clean A Kitchen Before You Move Out
04 February 2014
How To Quickly Clean A Kitchen Before You Move Out

There is nothing worse than moving into a new flat or house and the kitchen is filthy, it can be so off putting and it’s certainly not going to offer you the warm welcome you had imagined!

Most landlords will expect tenants to leave the kitchen (as well as all other rooms) fresh and clean, ready for the new tenant. A landlord may go into the property and do some general maintenance after a tenant moves out but unless a landlord has specifically told you not to clean the property then it’s probably best that you do, at least for the sake of forfeiting your deposit.

Kitchens (often referred to as the ‘heart of the home’) are prone to getting a little grubby over time. Whether accompanying a large family, elderly couple or even just the eligible bachelor, there’s no escaping the residue often left behind from a busy well used space. The main problem usually stems from cooking and the areas that are most likely affected are typically the oven because let’s face it nobody really likes to do that chore very often! Trouble is, when a cleaning duty is often ignored it ends up creating an even bigger task to accomplish! Other areas are walls, ceilings and floors that tend to develop a kind of sticky thin layer of grease, usually invisible to the eye at first but then it will gradually become more noticeable the worse it gets. To check for signs of this, simply rub your hand above the door frame or top edge of the door or take a look at the tops of the kitchen cupboards where you should notice this greasy residue settling.

To address this problem, the kitchen will need a thorough clean, and that can’t be done with a simple wipe over. A special degreasing agent will need to be applied to remove the sticky residue, and once the job is complete you may find that the kitchen needs a new coat of paint to freshen it up afterwards, but you should speak to the landlord before you go ahead and do that.

How to clean kitchens
You could try doing this yourself or you may wish to hire a cleaning company to come in and do it for you. Household cleaners are very handy, they come with all the tools and detergents and they do offer impressive results, once complete.  Cleaning contractors are not that expensive and if you do not already have the correct tools for the job, you save some cash by hiring them instead. They will certainly save you heaps of time too, which is especially great if you have a particularly large kitchen or a kitchen that’s in need of good deep clean.

For those DIY enthusiasts out there you should start by stocking up on the right products. A steam cleaner is helpful but not essential. Start by spraying the worst affected areas and allow the products to work their magic, before you wipe away. Once you are satisfied with the cleanliness, remember to rinse afterwards, to remove any leftover product and to get a nice fresh and shiny finish.

Cookers especially need to degreased and the product should be allowed to soak into the grease for at least 30 minutes to be able to remove the residue from the core, other parts of the cooker can be washed and cleaned in the sink, whilst you wait for the oven cleaner to work wonders.

Cupboards can get grubby over time too, so clear them out first then use a bleaching spray to give them a thorough clean.
Pay particular attention to areas surrounding the cooker because these are usually the worst affected!

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